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What is Integrity?

Updated: May 10, 2023

What is integrity?

Merriman's Dictionary defines integrity as firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values: INCORRUPTIBILITY.

Who has integrity?

Those who have integrity tell the truth and act with sincerity. These are steppingstones to building trust amongst family, friends, colleagues, and even those of you whom you are unaware. To have integrity requires one to act consistently justly and be accountable for one's own actions. Integrity is also doing the right thing, even when no one is looking, not because of the fear of consequences, but because your spirit tells you it's the right thing to do.

Why is integrity important?

Integrity is one of the twenty virtues listed within the Temple Code. It is one of the foundations of what the Humanistic Temple of Alkebulan stands. Every member voluntarily takes an oath to uphold the Temple Code because it is what they believe in and what sets them on the path of a virtuous or righteous life. To seek God is to embody the virtue and reject the vice. If one does not have integrity, then failure is inevitable if trying to embody the other nineteen virtues of the Temple Code. They are interconnected. One cannot have integrity if one is not honest in communication and action. If one is not honest in communication and action, one cannot be respectful of oneself or others. The virtues of the Temple Code will fall like dominoes.

Integrity in the home & workplace

Integrity at home is essential to having a healthy relationship, and stable home. If a spouse does not have integrity, the other spouse, or spouses in plural households, cannot reasonably trust the others to do what is needed, or what is right for the household and relationships. In the workplace, integrity allows one to feel proud that they're making an honest living and could be a catalyst for change. Having colleagues, supervisors and subordinates with integrity improves moral and production. In service jobs, it's essential to having good customer service. Good leadership required integrity as well. If an employee has aspirations of moving up the ranks, becoming a supervisor, or I obtain a position of trust, it's a good way to start.

Integrity in positions of public trust

With the current state of affairs in government and politics, it is never clearer that integrity is needed. The public trust is at stake when government leaders or elected officials behave unethically or engage in criminal behavior. It can incite civil unrest and cost valuable time and money. Public policies or strategies can also be derailed quickly when the public does not trust those in leadership positions, or the political party in which they belong.

The Humanistic Temple of Alkebulan believes integrity is required to live a virtuous life, maximizing the fullest human potential, tap the inner God within. What are your thoughts on integrity?

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