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What is a Minister?

Updated: May 10

A minister by definition is a member of the clergy who assists in the functions of a religious institution in a number of ways.

For the purpose of this discussion, we are focusing on the action. What does the word minister mean in action. To minister means to attend to the NEEDS of someone. In the Humanistic Temple of Alkebulan, a minister is one who represents this institution, who attends to the needs of someone. It is the position in action that has more importance than the title.


As a minister of this institution, the Humanistic Temple of Alkebulan, you represent the institution. You represent the ideals, the code, and the message of the institution. As such, it is the responsibilities of the ministers to attend to the needs of the membership by setting the personal examples, encouraging the membership, reinforcing the ideals and code of the institution, teach and deliver the message of the institution as determined by the pastor. The message is simple, the mission is clear however, the job isn't always an easy one. Ministers must believe in the mission, be the example and know the needs of the membership as well as the community it serves.


To tend to the needs of the membership and community, it is essential that minister is aware and open to knowing the needs of others. That requires ministers to be proactive to reach the membership and community. The very basic needs are always food, shelter, and clothing but human needs are a bit more complex than that. Humans need a sense of safety and security, social interaction, and ways to grow.


Members may attain the rank or title of minister by showing they have what it takes to rise to the position. They must strictly adhere to the Temple Code and have shown exemplary action that they are ready to "minister" to other members and the community as well. They must have obtained the "ambassador" designation, which requires sponsorship of 20 new members, before being appointed as a minister.

If anyone wants to take on this huge responsibility, and title, the institution will certainly benefit as will the members and community. We lead by example.

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