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It's Ok to Give Thanks and Praise to God and the Ancestors.

Updated: May 10, 2023

We have all heard someone say, "thank God", or "Praise God". We may have even said it ourselves on many occasions. The assumption is that a supernatural being has intervened in our everyday lives and made something happen for you. God is life. There is no God that intervenes and dictates every single moment of every single living creature's life. That would mean that God favors some over others, in some cases, the greedy over the poor, the praying man over the unwilling man, the "evil" over the righteous, and forsakes the desperate cry of the innocent.

When people say, "Thank God", what you are actually saying is "I am grateful for life. I am grateful for life and all that is given to me from having life." The 20 Virtues of the Temple Code Number 10 states, I will be thankful and show appreciation for kindness.

God is life. God is the life energy that flows throughout the universe and is in us all. There is no greater kindness than the receiving the gift of life. To show gratitude for this gift, one must show respect and appreciation for having this gift. Respect life, and do not squander the opportunities life presents to you. Make the most out of life, maximize your full human potential in all ways possible and help others to attain the same. Saying "Thank God" is perfectly okay.

God Life Energy gives us the power of thought, the power of free will, and the power to take actions to change or better our situation or existence. We are gifted with the tools to fix our problems, human problems. We are gifted with the ability to work together, bring all of our human capabilities together as one to fix human problems. This has been proven over time, again and again.

Give praise for having this God Life Energy and the abilities we are gifted with by not standing still when action and thought is needed. Give praise by not sitting idly by, waiting for the supernatural to come and miraculously fix your problems, and the problems of everyone else, especially when they conflict with each other. Praise God by honoring the ancestors who passed this God Life Energy to you, and those who came before you. This energy is passed down from parent to child. It is the only way life energy is gifted; therefore, parents should be honored for allowing this gift to be passed to you, and their parents to them. Life is not randomly created. A human, man or woman, is not created out of thin air. Life creates life. It is passed down through the ancestors. One day we all will leave this earthly plane, and this physical body will return to its physical elements during decomposition. This life energy will return to the infinite realm from which it came, that which surrounds us and flows throughout the universe.

Hopefully, we will all have the opportunity to gift this God Life Energy to our children, nurture it, help it grow within ourselves, our children and others as it was done for us. Thank and praise God, and your ancestors, for sharing this life energy by appreciating the gifts, and contributions you make to yourself, your family, your community and the world. Life is the gift; the rest is up to you.

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3 opmerkingen

16 feb. 2023

Always give Thanks to God first.

For the ancestors yah,we can also thank them .


Yes it is right to give thanks to God, but for the ancestors I don't think so, God is the one that gives

Bryen Glass
Bryen Glass
05 feb. 2023
Reageren op

But it is given through the ancestors. You can't receive it unless they take the necessary action to pass their life energy to you. Correct?

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