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Fundraisers can be an effective way of raising funds for worthy causes. Fundraisers can take many forms, such as charity events, auctions, online crowdfunding campaigns, and direct mail appeals. Successful fundraisers rely on the support and involvement of the community, including volunteers, donors, and sponsors. We appreciate the support.

Image by Ben Stern


We are inviting all law enforcement agencies, and fire departments across the country to compete in this 5k race. This is a team event for the charitable causes and projects.

Each team may have up to 5 members. Teams will place by points earned by team members for 1st through 5th place. 1st place - 40 points, 2nd place - 30 points, 3rd place - 15 points, 4th place - 10 points, 5th place - 5 points. Tie score goes to team with highest placed member. Winning team wins the trophy.

Let’s Work Together

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let us know.

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