The Humanistic Temple of Alkebulan's list of annual events, and activities.

  • Spring Rebirth & Renewal
    Mon, Mar 20
    Location is TBD
    Spring is the time of New Beginnings. We are celebrating life, and prosperity.
  • Summer Celebration
    Wed, Jun 21
    Location is TBD
    Summer blesses us with the longest days of sunlight and we are celebrating it with fun in the sun.
  • Autumn Harvest Festival
    Sat, Sep 23
    Location is TBD
    Annual Autumn Harvest Festival to celebrate the bounty that nature has bestowed us. Includes the feast, fun activities, and the full planting.
  • Winter Reflection
    Thu, Dec 21
    Location is TBD
    Annual winter celebration during the longest night. It is the time of reflection. Gather with family and friends over a warm evening meal and reflect on closing of the year.