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Alkebulan Village

Alkebulan Village is a planned African community comprised of the various cultures of Africa. This new community welcomes all from the African diaspora who will be an asset to help create the model village. This community will be built on economic stability, environmental sustainability, rich African culture, healthy living, quality education, and good healthcare. 

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The Vision

What is Alkebulan Village?

Alkebulan Village is a self-sustaining African Village that is able to meet its basic needs and sustain itself without relying heavily on external resources.  Such a village typically has a range of productive activities that generate income and food to support the local population.  The village may have a mix of subsistence and commercial agriculture, with crops and livestock that are well-suited to the local climate and soil.  This might include crops like fruits, vegetables, herbs, as well as livestock like goats, cows, and chickens.  In addition to agriculture, the village may have other income-generating activities such as handicrafts, small scale manufacturing, or tourism.  The village might also have a cooperative or community-based savings and loan system that enables members to access credit for small businesses or other needs.  A self-sustaining African village typically values community cohesion and collaboration. Members of the community work together to share knowledge and resources, and to support each other during times of need.  The village may also have a strong sense of cultural identity and may maintain traditional practices and rituals.  Overall, a self-sustaining African village is one that is able to support its residents' basic needs without relying heavily on external resources, while valuing community solidarity and local knowledge.

The vision of the Humanistic Temple of Alkebulan is to create a tranquil place of peace, and harmony for the African diaspora.  Alkebulan Village as it's called envisions a safe and secure place where its residents will have comfortable and sustainable housing and be self-sufficient to meet all the needs of the Village. This mission will be done by providing the following:

  • Safe and secure environment

  • Comfortable and sustainable housing

  • Farming & livestock 

  • Manufacturing

  • Marketplace

  • Recreation

  • Medical facilities

  • School & Library

  • Meeting place

  • Children's services

  • Renewable energy source

  • Clean and healthy environment

  • Telecommunication services

How can I donate to the project?

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How do I join the membership?

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Project Fundraising Goal = $10,000,000

Image by Annie Spratt

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